Looking for a fresh career start? Let Avenue Recruitment lead the way!

Whether through bad luck, missed opportunities, or unwittingly staying stuck in a “comfort zone”, our career paths can occasionally lead us to a roadblock. With no room to move forward, and no time to move back, our careers start to stagnate. Avenue Recruitment can help find the right path for you.

From Sales to Marketing to IT, we may have exactly what you’re looking for.

With job opportunities ranging from entry-level positions to senior management roles, Avenue Recruitment may have a career match that’s right for you. We specialize in many positions and sectors, including but not limited to:

  • Sales
  • Marketing and Communications
  • E-commerce
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Information Services (IS)
  • And if our current opportunities don’t yet pique your interest, simply send us your resume/CV and we’ll keep you in mind and let you know as soon as your dream job appears.
  • Advance your career with Avenue Recruitment’s free candidate services

So whether you’re actively looking for your next career step, or just toying with the idea of a new career opportunity, contact Avenue Recruitment. With our proven success rate and high employee/employer satisfaction, we have the experience and expertise it takes to guide you towards a stimulating and rewarding career.


If the above posts don’t quite match what you’re looking for, please send us your resume and contact info, as we continuously receive new and exciting opportunities.

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