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Who is Avenue Recruitment?

Avenue Recruitment is made up of a team of recruiting specialists, led by Sophie Bouchard. With a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Business Administration from Montreal’s leading business school, HEC Montreal, Avenue Recruitment’s president and founder has the knowledge, skills, and values it takes to succeed in today’s highly competitive recruitment industry. Working closely with her experienced team of recruiters, all specializing in their respective field of expertise, Sophie has built – and continues building – an extensive network of contacts, in a vast array of positions and industries.
Sophie has worked in the trenches around the globe, be it as a recruiting consultant in London for TMP Worldwide, one of the largest human resources and employment agencies in the world, or as Director of Business Development for a highly successful marketing and branding agency. She has been on both sides of the talent search and acquisition fences. She knows what questions to ask, what traits to look for, what assets are important to have, and what qualities are essential – both on behalf of her clients and the candidates she works tirelessly for.
Sophie’s team at Avenue Recruitment is made up of several recruiters and researchers, all striving for the same goal – to become your trusted partner in recruitment and talent acquisition in Montreal and surrounding areas.

Our employer philosophy: to understand you is to serve you better

At Avenue Recruitment, we are motivated by our passion – our passion to understand people, to understand their differences, their ambitions, their areas of expertise...to understand their passion. By listening, questioning, and understanding a candidate, we are better positioned to lead them towards the career that best suits their needs. And by understanding your organization and its values and objectives, we are better positioned to find the employee you desire. Translation: a qualified match for a sustainable and reciprocal partnership.

Let us save you time and money, and help your organization find the perfect candidate

In general, all employers look for similar characteristics when hiring an employee: competent, motivated and efficient. But surprisingly, each employer will be attracted by a different profile. For this reason, it is essential for us, as a recruitment and talent acquisition agency, to clearly identify your needs and determine the specifications of your target profile.

Knowing your strategic objectives is part of our candidate-matching process

What is your management philosophy? Your corporate culture? Your short-term, mid-term, long-term vision? Your definition of an ideal employee? What are your performance incentives? Your actions to promote team-building? What is the biggest incentive to join your organization? This is just a sample of the information we look for when getting to know you, what you represent, and what you are looking for in an employee who will essentially represent your company.
Through our meticulousness and our desire to understand both employee and employer, we are confident in our ability to match both sides in a satisfying, productive, and lasting relationship. Contact Avenue Recruitment today and let us provide you with the perfect-fit employee you’ve been waiting for.

Finding candidates - from Sales and Marketing to IT and Engineering, and Everything in Between!

Our experienced recruiting and talent acquisition team specializes in the search and selection of employees in:
  • Sales
  • Marketing and Communications
  • E-commerce
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Information Services (IS)
Or perhaps you are looking for something (or someone!) more specific? Avenue Recruitment also has talent acquisition specialists, focusing directly on what (or who) fits your precise requirement.
From the initial interview to periodic follow-ups with both employee and employer for up to one year after the position has been filled, Avenue Recruitment is committed to ensuring that the recruitment and hiring process is as seamless and efficient as possible. Contact us today to see for yourself how simple the experience can be.

Our policy: to respect confidentiality is to respect our client

At Avenue Recruitment, we recognize that we are privileged to hold confidential information pertaining to businesses and individuals. This is a privilege that we do not take for granted. At no time, and for no reason, will we divulge any confidential information that we are privy to - our reputation depends on it.
Rest assured that as our client, you will be treated with the utmost professionalism and discretion, at all times. Furthermore, all of our services are accompanied by a satisfaction guarantee. Contact Avenue Recruitment today to find out more.

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  • Sophie saved us tons of time by recruiting qualified candidates. Each and every person that came in for an interview was properly screened by Sophie. She was always quick to respond to our needs and her frequent follow-ups were much appreciated.

    Karagh Markovski, National Sales Director.

  • Sophie is bang-on with her descriptions and capabilities of her candidates. When I meet the candidate, they correspond very similarly to what she feels are their strengths. And the candidates are well prepared when they meet us. It is a pleasure partnering with your team.

    Pierre Gendron, Regional Director

  • What impressed me the most about Sophie was her comprehensive knowledge of our business, our practices, and our internal challenges. She did her research on us, and then she did her research on finding the proper candidate. Her recruiting efforts are a valuable part of our Human Resources efforts in obtaining talent.

    Annie Beaulieu, Associate, Group Manager

  • Sophie gets through the cluster and gets to the bottom of things quickly. She always asks the right questions. Best of all, she listens to what we want and need. She never made me waste any time with unqualified profiles that did not match what we were looking for. The candidates she brought could all have been hired. She has the courage and values to always speak the truth, and it does not go unnoticed.

    Sylvie Laurin, Vice-President, National Sales Director

  • She has both the interests of the candidate and employer in mind, and wants to make sure it is a solid fit – both in terms of skills and personality. She was a pleasure to deal with.

    Jacques Dalpé, General Manager, Business Services

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