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Avenue Recruitment recognizes that the hiring process does not simply start at the first interview, nor does it end upon an acceptance handshake. From the moment it is known that a position needs to be filled, until it is proven that an employee is the right fit for your company, we will stand by your side, making every step of the way clear, efficient, and productive.

Our recruitment services include, but are not limited to:

  • Meeting the employer and analysing their needs
  • Summarizing the position’s requirements
  • Advertising and searching within specific databases and channels
  • Gathering and creating prospective candidate files
  • Pre-selecting prospective candidates
  • Conducting initial interviews
  • Presenting a short-list of candidates
  • Verifying candidate references
  • Administering technical and psychological testing (if necessary)
  • Conducting periodic follow-ups with employer and employee throughout the first year of employment

Our head hunting and talent acquisition services include, but are not limited to:

  • ...

Our internal recruitment assistance services include, but are not limited to:

  • Pre-selecting prospective candidates
  • Planning initial interviews, creating and summarizing interview reports
  • Administering technical and psychological testing
  • Verifying candidate references

Our referral services include:

  • Sending you candidates whose profile is aligned with your company’s philosophy and traits – because you never know what rare gem you may uncover.
We evolve with the needs of your business and corporate objectives
Since the workplace and the workforce are ever-evolving, Avenue Recruitment wants to help its clients stay ahead of the competition. We gather the information required to understand your company, your needs, and your short and long term strategic objectives. Contact Avenue Recruitment today and place your company ahead of the rest!

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  • Sophie saved us tons of time by recruiting qualified candidates. Each and every person that came in for an interview was properly screened by Sophie. She was always quick to respond to our needs and her frequent follow-ups were much appreciated.

    Karagh Markovski, National Sales Director.

  • Sophie is bang-on with her descriptions and capabilities of her candidates. When I meet the candidate, they correspond very similarly to what she feels are their strengths. And the candidates are well prepared when they meet us. It is a pleasure partnering with your team.

    Pierre Gendron, Regional Director

  • What impressed me the most about Sophie was her comprehensive knowledge of our business, our practices, and our internal challenges. She did her research on us, and then she did her research on finding the proper candidate. Her recruiting efforts are a valuable part of our Human Resources efforts in obtaining talent.

    Annie Beaulieu, Associate, Group Manager

  • Sophie gets through the cluster and gets to the bottom of things quickly. She always asks the right questions. Best of all, she listens to what we want and need. She never made me waste any time with unqualified profiles that did not match what we were looking for. The candidates she brought could all have been hired. She has the courage and values to always speak the truth, and it does not go unnoticed.

    Sylvie Laurin, Vice-President, National Sales Director

  • She has both the interests of the candidate and employer in mind, and wants to make sure it is a solid fit – both in terms of skills and personality. She was a pleasure to deal with.

    Jacques Dalpé, General Manager, Business Services

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